The story of the Bamboo tree teaches me so many things with the major one being that when we get our roots deep down and build our foundation and dreams, the time will come when we will experience exceptional growth.

It has been a time of enormous learning for me as I began to think more deeply and ask the right questions. I am beginning to study, learn and grow as an individual. Here are five lessons the bamboo tree teaches us about success below this video:

Five lessons the bamboo tree teaches us about success:

  1. That anything great doesn’t just happen. It always takes time before you begin to see any signs of success
  2. That you must water and fertilise your dreams everyday and this comes in the form of speaking to yourself and reading books. They day you stop fertilising your dreams, is the day it begins to die.
  3. That you must continue to grow your roots which no one sees, so you can draw up the minerals you need for rapid growth.
  4. That you must never stop believing in yourself or look at the other person who begins to achieve great success that you forget you are a bamboo tree in the making. Sometimes, you don’t even know their own bamboo tree story.
  5. That you must be consistent in whatever you do whether the world takes notice or not. You must be like the musician who gave his best performance every night to an audience of 1 until the whole world came watching.

The last point applies to me mostly and it is time to get consistent. More posts to come and it is time to grow this page. One last word, keep on working on your dreams, success is just around the corner.

You time to spring up is very soon if not now if you have been working and praying about it

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