The word success has different meanings to many people and depending on the meaning given to it, the requirements are different. But I have discovered that there are essential building blocks that will constitute whether someone will be successful regardless of the meaning given to it.

Let’s start from the very definition of the word success but before I give you mine, I want you to sit back and really think of what the word success means to you. Write down your thoughts on paper. In the simplest definition, I think success is the realisation of what you have set out to do at any particular time.

Ingredients of success:

A dream:

Hope the above video got your attention? Well, for me it did. It got me to sit up, dream, and start taking action to make my dream real. You need to have a dream to fuel you and keep you going through the tough times. The journey will no doubt be tough but with your eyes on the price, there will be no stopping you as you will enjoy the journey.

A vision:

The bible says that without this, the people perish. Start by asking yourself, what’s the vision for my life?

A plan:

If you fail to plan, then invariably, you have planned to fail. You need a plan. Think of it as a blueprint or better still, a map. A plan gets you from the dream to the reality. A plan is the bridge between dreams and reality.

Hard work:

This is the point where you begin to act. Action births your dream and goals, You have to promise yourself that you will work hard and never give up or give in to challenges. You must have a tough skin. You must be ready to push yourself to the limit. I speak to you now reading this just as I am speaking to my self. You are an uncommon breed and must align yourself with unstoppable people along the way. The people that are living their dreams are the people who are taking action and believing in themselves.


You have to keep  going even tough it is tough. You must see it for yourself and you must see yourself staying through to achieve your dream. Oh it is going to get so tough and dream actors know this. But the dream is at the end. The end justifies the means. Have the tenacity of a fighter.


Apply caution: this is the final point. You must apply a sixth sense in whatever you are doing. Your mind should tell you when it’s right or wrong. You have to trust  your guts most times for it will tell you the right things to do.

So yeah, you have heard my top ingredients to success. There are many more which will mostly be a subset of this.

From my room of thoughts…

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