We are all at different stages and health-state when it comes to exercise and recognising this is very key during the process of exercising and getting into shape. Some can exercise more whilst others can exercise for a short time and get very tired within a short time. It is important to have a goal in mind but you need to avoid the danger of comparing yourself to seasoned trainers as you can easily give up during the early stages of your plan.


For those who feel they are beginning, less active or non-active I recommend starting slow and building on your consistent progress. The key to any programme is consistency. For example, eating an apple a day for seven days is different from eating 7 apples a day to cover up for missed days in the week. You will be exhausted from 7 apples eaten at once. Everything needs to be done in moderation and not in excess. It makes the work of consistency easier to more fun.

I recommend walking for long distances for those who can especially the elderly. If you are also starting out, you can run for a short time at top speed which burns more calories or pace yourself and run for a moderate time let’s say 15 minutes. You can then push your self as days go by or maintain your routine for a period of time. Also, getting a running mate or team does the trick.

It is important you and your mate or team of friends set goals. Look at my blog post on goals (insert link). Goals keep us going and involves the mind. It takes determination and character to achieve a goal. What is most important is the person you become in the process of achieving your goals.

Also, it is very important to recognise that genetics play a role in how our bodies respond to exercise and I recommend discussing your options with your doctor if you wish. No matter what, do not limit yourself and give an excise regarding genetics for many have been able to overcome their genes and get into shape.

The good news is that whilst you cannot alter genetics, you can alter your diet. I recommend five a day due to the research that backs it up and a balanced diet. It has been shown in many studies that people can get into shape based on diet alone whilst ignoring exercise. This is because food plays a big role. Visit my other blog post on food (link to page).

Remember, an exercise plan without a proper diet is futile and ineffective. It is like pouring water in a basket without even noticing it is leaking.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. The goal of this site was for people like you who feel the need for exercising.


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