I get shivers every time I remember you have left us to be with the Lord. They say life is what happens to you when you are busy making other plans and I certainly got a rude awakening on hearing about your death on the 30th of August. I could not believe what I heard. How could it be, how did it happen? Many questions ran through my mind. I spoke to you on the 28th of August about our next article and our plans for the week only to learn that you died the next day.

I cried because I had lost a friend who wanted to change the world around her. I knew about the struggles you had gone through and how you overcame all odds to chase a dream of being a medical doctor when most people in your shoes surrendered to life. Sadly, you died in the pursuit of this dream.

I remember when we met that faithful morning at Newcastle University when you resumed uni with two other friends and this was long after the resumption date had passed due to circumstances outside your control. Our friendship took a while to kick off but you were always friendly and welcoming. You were down to earth and industrious.

Creativity was second nature to you and you were kind to all. You had a weird laughter and a funny one at that.

You were you and this was evident for all to see. Your hard work spoke volumes about you and you could go the extra mile even when you were tired. You studied genetics and showed the rest of us that you were not scared of challenges as this was what you loved doing. You went after your dreams and this alone was the biggest lesson I learned from you.

Your death took me by storm and reminded me that life can be very short and no one is guaranteed of tomorrow.

All we are certain of is now, this very second, and not the next one.

You left a mark on me and I have made a personal promise to myself to give my all to life and go after my dreams. Sleep well Faith and rest in the bosom of the Lord. I thank God for the life you lived and the short time we shared on this journey called life.

Adieu Faith Ariwera Chuku.

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