1Welcome to my blog, a place where you get to know how to become better with each day. This is more of a conversation between the both of us and I encourage you to immerse yourself full on in this conversation.

So why choose the topic for this post as the above? Well, let’s say I have done my research and applied simple changes to my day which has added up to help me get the most out of it and become better in the process.

The first tip to a good day is less sleep and not more. Let’s say you sleep for eight hours. My advice will be to reduce it to 6 hours at a stretch and may be nap for 1-2 hours in the evening. Believe me, when you wake up you will have a different perspective. If you don’t have time for this in the evening, I will still advise you to cut down and develop the saved time to exercise and fitness.
This brings me to my second tip, exercise.

I find the best time to do this is in the morning but be careful not to burn yourself out and feel tired during the day.

I recommend short rounds and rests in between to add up to 1 hour of exercise. You will feel alive and ready to take the day. This is an advice for fitness enthusiasts. Some workouts to lose weights are intensive and the best time for this will be in the evening or weekends and my fellow blogger, Joseph, is an expert on this as he has had tremendous success but he did put in the hours and the work to get to where he is today. What better qualification is there for an expert if he/ she has not achieved results consistently over time?

The third tip is diet and fruits is the focus here. Eat loads of them as they get your system going. Check out our blog post on the benefits of common fruit which you can find and are inexpensive.


I will say taking them in the morning and when you are hungry before main meals as your body can act on these faster and get maximum absorption from the fruits. It helps your digestive system and your body to be in the right state. Have light breakfast after the gym and go for heavy lunch and dinner. Now, many people are on diet these days so you know your needs and should stick to them.

Now, going on to lifestyle, the next is spending good quality time with your family. After work, eat dinner together and talk to each other to find out about how the day went. Switch off the TV and build some relationship with your family. Spend 30 minutes calling friends and family if you had a busy day to keep your relationships alive and encourage your friends to call you took. This is the best way to maintain a relationship but be mindful the time you spend and who you spend it with because time is of the essence.

Read a book preferably the bible and work every day on your dreams even if it means little steps taken.


Read my other blog post on motivation and dreams. What this does is to build your will to live a certain way and give you the motivation you need. Just imagine you do these consistently. I can only see a happy you at the end of the day as you are fit, active, on top of things, and most of all, a better person than who you used to be. Every action you take is vital even though you might not be able to follow all the tips I have posted but as long as you set your priorities right on which area you want to focus on to have a great day, then you can be happy and satisfied that you are working towards your goal.

Go over the day to find out the areas you did not take the right action and learn from it. Go over notes for students and what needs to be done for the next day. It is now time to plan for the next day.

To your success,


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