time change in the UK. Day light saving

Heads up people. On Sunday, 25.10.2015 (tomorrow) our clocks will be going back by one hour at 2am. This means that your mobile network provider will reset your time to 1am.

What this means?

You get an extra hour of sleep or to put it another way, you gain 1 hour. You can use your extra hour for something else. Comment below on what you will use your extra hour for.┬áDon’t be scared if you check your watches and you discover that it is different from what your phone says. Your phone network provider will automatically change your time for you if you set your time to be determined by your network. Just remember that time has moved back one hour.

Why does time change?

Because we now have shorter days and you don’t want to be going to work by 9am and you discover it is very dark. We need to save on day time, hence the name Day Light Saving or British Standard Time.
This time change is normal in the UK and happens once every year. It all started when German soldiers wanted to save daylight and fuel used as a source to provide artificial lightning. What this meant was that they could save fuel for the war. Different European countries adopted this with the US signing it into law in 1918.

For more about its history, click here.

So yeah, don’t get confused when you see that your phone shows a different time to the one on your wrist watch. Until next post, enjoy your extra hour of sleep. These things (time changes), don’t happen very often in non-European countries though…

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