I have spent days writing this article which involved me writing for 30 minutes each day trying to refine this piece of writing to see how I can make it better. You will agree with me that there are days when we feel unproductive and very down with our mood on the other side of the happiness scale. Well for me, these last few days have been one of those but I still try to control my thinking so that my actions do not suffer. On to the flip side, let us focus on what today’s article is all about.

You become what you think:

We become what we think about all day long and I say this without a shadow of doubt. James Allen once said

“that a man becomes all he thinks about”

and even before he made this statement, the greatest book, the bible made mention of this.

I want to highlight some of the things we should do to effect the outcome of our goal.

Things to do:


– Firstly, before you begin your fitness plan, it is important that you start from the mind to tackle any paradigm shift that you are holding on to. You need to work from a position where defeat is not part of the equation or even considered at all. You have to be optimistic and have faith that you are going to achieve your goal.

– Secondly, you need to create a mental picture of what you desire in your mind and this means having pictures of people you admire and want to be like. You can google these pictures or snip them from magazines, print them out, and paste them in front of you. This way, your mind will be fixed on your goal.

– Thirdly, you have to resolve in your mind that you will not lose faith and give up in yourself as it might take a long time before results can be seen.

– Fourthly, you need a plan with a deadline to it. There is a popular saying that if you fail to plan that you have planned to fail. The idea of having a deadline is that your task will expand to fill in the allotted time it has. This can be illustrated by an example. Imagine you have to travel and you have a dozen things to do and another scenario where you have little to do and you are not travelling which causes you to allocate a whole day to few things. You will always notice that you will accomplish your tasks in the first scenario very quickly compared to the second scenario where you will take a whole day just to accomplish few tasks. To  summarise, your task will expand to fill the time you allocate to it. This works 90% of the time and I suggest you try doing this.

– Fifthly, You need to find the best days that are best for you and also when the gym is open.

– Sixthly, you need to find a time in the day when it is convenient for you to exercise in. You might find exercising in the morning or the evening comfortable for you.

I want to state here that not everyone will have time to go to the gym which is normal. If this is the case, then I suggest that you can try and fit in exercise within your work schedule. The next few tips are for those that fit into this category.

I suggest you jog to work if this is feasible or you can ride a bicycle if this is the case. Also, you can chose to take the staircase rather than use the lift when in your office building. You can choose to park some distance away from your workplace and take the walk to the office. Please ensure y block out time for this. These are simple exercises you can fit into your daily schedule.
One last thing to note, you need to look at success stories of people who have lost weight and read about them. This causes you to feed your mind constantly and also learn about the techniques these people use to achieve their fitness goals. You also need to read motivational books that will cause your thinking to change. You stimulate your mind in the process and one I do recommend is the book THINK AND GROW RICH which can be ordered on Amazon (you can buy a hard copy or better still purchase a kindle copy). I highly recommend this book as the principles it teaches are life changing and simple enough to be implemented by all who decide to take action and start a new path.

Please remember, a fitness plan with a change of diet is futile.

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