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September 24, 2017
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Time and life is fleeting

My friend chased a dream, now she is gone. She touched the lives of many with her zest for life. Life is fleeting, so carpe diem. To that life spent chasing...
get more time from the day

Ever wondered how you can get more time from your day?

Hi everyone. To our dedicated blog readers, we deeply apologise for not updating our website with a new post after we promised a new post every week. Today’s post is on...

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Time and life is fleeting

Tribute to a true friend

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Inspired by a life goal to influence the next generation of thought leaders, Nyemahame started this website & he wants to see people achieve their highest potential.
I am a determined, fun loving and easy going. I love reading, dancing and singing. I can be a nerd sometimes. I am a work in progress yearning for perfection.

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