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Here's a brief introduction about Barry, a man who wanted to find out key determinants for his health. Barry was more than the average Joe with a lovely family, home, and...
quit dieting

Why so many failed one of the key weight loss tips

This is a woman’s unique diet story that is unconventional because she gave up worrying and ate anytime she wanted. Sandra Aamodt gave up dieting, stopped worrying about her weight, and...

Understanding Your Body and Exercise.

We are all at different stages and health-state when it comes to exercise and recognising this is very key during the process of exercising and getting into shape. Some can exercise...
man exhausted

10 benefits of good health

We have all heard so much through health campaigns, media, and the health service on maintaining a good health which includes adequate exercise and diet. Today’s blog post centres on the benefits...
will power

Fitness and Will Power

My fitness journey began mid-September of 2013 shortly after falling out the wagon a in august after just THREE weeks into the Insanity work out. I came to realise all it...

Tips for having a great day

Welcome to my blog, a place where you get to know how to become better with each day. This is more of a conversation between the both of us and I...

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