Pay-day, an interesting topic and one which so many people will have an opinion on. It kept on recurring in my subconscious and certain thoughts began brewing. It’s the end of the month and a time to smile because your employer will be paying you. I define pay-day as the day that makes people smile to the bank. Now, I know some people are not happy with the jobs they do and also not with their pay as they might be living from pay check to pay check. This post is not to address unhappy people but to address those who are happy to have earned an income whether it is from your employer or from your own business.

Seven reasons why I’m excited about pay-day:

It is a reward for my sweat:

The bible said that you reap what you sow and that there is no food for a lazy man. Well, I have worked hard and I deserve to get paid. I have contributed my part to the economy.

A reward for my time:

Simply put it this way, I gave my time to my employer and helped the company I work for. They leveraged my time to accomplish their goals and paying me is the best they could do.

The feel of getting a bank alert:

Well, in Nigerian English I screamed, “I don get alert, na God win.” I’m so happy that my bank account bulged this morning and also receiving a text alert from my bank. It’s been a while since I got an alert from my bank regarding getting paid. Who says I am not important to my bank and they don’t know me?

Time to pay my bills:

You see, I am on a mobile phone contract and on a membership with my gym. You need money to pay for these. Now, this is the beauty of getting paid. You don’t have to worry about not having money to pay for the services you use because you have an income that meets your expenses. Some people are not happy about paying their bills but don’t let this be you.

Purchase some needful things:

I believe in saving and living below your income. Hence, I delay gratification and the purchase of some things. I normally rank things into two categories, needs and wants. I have procrastinated on some needful things and since I’m getting paid, it’s time to purchase these items.

Opportunity to help others:

I am a giver and give no matter how small. There is a joy in giving and nothing beats giving. You can help people no matter how small you think your money is. Listen to the clip below from Legendary John Maxwell:

Pay-day fell on a Friday:

The weekend is complete already. I can now do some shopping but this is after I must have saved, paid my bills, and drawn up a budget on the remainder.

Finally, watch the video below and listen to Jim Rohn. He has so much to tell you about the topic of finance

From my cave of thought,


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