welcome to 2016

Welcome to the last day of the year and my last post of 2015. On Facebook this morning I saw a post by my friend which gave me the foundation of this blog post. He said something profound and it goes this way:

Most people live the same year over and over again which leaves them caught in the same old drama making that make no difference in their lives whatsoever even though they are in a new year.

I think I understand why some people live in the past. May be because they feel they were at their the best at a particular time causing their minds to keep taking them back to their best year.
I believe this stops them for becoming even much better. Some people are still living in 2013 reliving past glories whilst the world is entering 2016. If you are in this situation, then I beg you to let go of the past even though it is hard and live in the present. A new year will never bring out your best except you burn all bridges (past glories) and make up your mind that 2016 can be the best year of your life.

What then must we do to make sure 2016 is our best year?

There are seven key points we must think deeply about and not all of them might apply to you. It’s a personal list I came up with upon reflection and a few ideas from other sources.

  1. Acknowledge God in all your ways: the bible says, commit your ways to him and he will direct your path. God is the ultimate. Without Him I’m nothing. I need Him now more than ever. I don’t know your belief but for me, God is the number one and I thank Him for life everyday. Only the living can make a difference and there is no work in the grave.
  2. Shun new year resolutions: new year resolutions are now a joke and many people have stopped making them. Statistics show that over 92% of people break their new year resolutions by the second week of January. This is because our resolutions might not be exciting us to take action and we have no one to hold us accountable. May be this could help. Replace your resolutions with what I call an accountability list.
    Here are a few examples:
    – I am accountable for the actions I take to make sure I write my book this year by 25/05/2016 and my brother will be my mentor and I must update him about my progress.
    – I take personal accountability for starting that long forgotten project (my shoe line) by 1/06/2016 and Miss B who have had similar experiences will be my mentor and I must update her about my progress.
    – I take personal accountability to ensure I learn a new course or skill that will triple my income by 3/06/2016 and Mr X will be my mentor to make sure this happens.Hope the examples above helped and here is what it does, it makes you take full responsibility and stops you from coming up with excuses because you take personal accountability. Just try it out for a day or two or even a week and if it does, then feel free to continue with it. Get someone else involved as you can see from the few examples above. Let them now about your goals and always report back to them about the progress you have made. They will keep you in check and encourage you when you start taking action. Action is the reason many people fail with new year resolutions and it is the missing ingredient. Make sure that the person you are accountable to is someone who is a mentor or someone who will push you.
  3. You need a robust plan and you must promise yourself that you will act on it. You need a plan this year if you plan not to fail but succeed. Get your mentor involved or the person who you are accountable to. This brings excitement to the game.
  4. Get a mentor: we all should get one. A mentor is someone who have done what we simply dream of. They help us avoid mistakes and save time because they have been there and done that. You don’t have to figure it all from scratch. Just save yourself time and stress. A mentor is a life saver and can be different from the person you are accountable to
  5. Read two books each month: this can be in your field or a self-help book. Books have a tremendous influence on our lives and we get to learn from the experience of others by reading their books. I can’t state how much I have learnt from books as they have helped me so much to grow and become better. Click here for our recommended books.
  6. Look for new friends: who are doing better than you. Iron sharpens iron and will inspire you to do better. Find those who will encourage you to do better. Don’t joke with this. Becoming better can be a long and lonely journey and you need someone who will encourage you and who you can also talk to when the going gets tough.
  7. Put your family first in everything:  I don’t know why I left this to the end but it is my last point. Most of us do what we do anything for our families. We can go any length to see them happy and well provided for. Some parents work two or three jobs just to make sure their kids go to school, have food on the table, and a roof over their heads. Why not make providing for your family your strong motivator this new year and see how far you can go.

Well, I hope the seven points above made some meaning to you. Resolve that you will do whatever it takes to make sure 2016 becomes your best year ever. Sit back and reflect. Set exciting goals for your accountability list that will get you to the next level. Try and make sure that your goals are bigger than you and involves other people. Be a dreamer and an action taker. Today is a gift that’s why it is called present. You are here for a reason, so why not make 2016 count.
“This is our time, this is our opportunity, let’s make today better than yesterday”.

Thanks for reading and cheers to a great year ahead,

P.S: because of the urgency of this post, if you find any typos or grammatical errors, please comment below. I’m daily improving and not the best of writers. Or you can drop a happy comment. Keeps me motivated to write even more…

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