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Our yesterdays are the springboards for our success. All that matters is today and what we did with what we learnt yesterday – N.  E. Okwu.

We all went through school and we know at the end of it all, if we are: A, B, or  C students, our strengths, our weaknesses, our predicted fate in the world and also in the job market.

To generalise,

Most A students develop a feeling that they can easily be employed as they beat anyone in an interview and secure the position. These guys are the crème de la crème of the class. They are the brilliant and everything looks easy for them. They never stress or worry about reading or  passing an exam.

B students know they are good academically and with hard work, they can perform well at interviews and secure a job even though it might be tough. These guys mostly will not want to work menial jobs and they are right. The B students will most likely be managers and serve as a bridge between C and A students. Some of these guys go on to create businesses and do well.

For C students, academic performance and CV betrays them. These guys struggle for everything and yet, nothing seems to be working for them. They knows they don’t stand a chance because an employer dumps their CV at the bottom of the pack. They never even get called for an interview and even when they do, they do not make it past this stage.
These are my thoughts though and I guess it doesn’t happen everywhere. Things are now changing as employers are looking beyond academic performance and more on your skills and how you can perform in a job. C students stand no chance academically, therefore they must take their destinies in their own hands and develop skills. They break down opportunity doors if it is closed to them or they go about creating their own opportunity door where it does not exist. These guys know that employers won’t give them a chance. So they go on and create their own chances and by this I mean businesses. They even provide jobs for other people which will be mostly the A students. They can even go on to become presidents. A great example was the former President of America, George Bush.  He talks about the resilience of C students and he tells them that they too can be presidents.

What does the future present to students?

One thing you should know is that grades do not determine where you end up in life, your actions after school does. Things have changed from what they used to be in the past. Your grades hardly count in most situations outside of school. Successful people who run the world whether they are A, B or C students realise that life does not come to them and hand them their dreams. This is because life presents each and every one of us with challenges regardless of what your grades are in school. Therefore,

You must have the brain of an A student, the tenacity of a B student, and the work ethic of a C student.

Questions you must ask yourself:

  1. What am I doing with my life?
  2. Are my letting my grades determine my future?
  3. Am I creating opportunities for myself?

These questions are for you to ponder upon. Let’s leave it here but before I leave, there’s a short video below which I want you to watch below. I believe enough has been said. Peace

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