excellence is a habit

“There is a race to the bottom and many people are winning”.

This was said by Seth Godin, an extraordinary thinker and author who is a world renowned marketer. He has gone on to publish many books that have become best sellers. He challenges people’s thinking and this post was inspired by watching him.

Many people have remained at their comfort zones while their security zones have moved. People are now doing what they are told to do and this leaves them in an insecure zone. He gave an example that workers in a factory who the same things and have the same skills are in the same position. The danger is this; when it comes to laying off, they all get fired and this is usually in the tens of thousands. This is seen in organisations with a large work-force. These workers all get laid off at once because they are all similar with the same skill set. The ones who did not follow the status quo never got fired. These are people who are not good enough but simply extraordinary. They are different from the pack and do extraordinary things. In our world today, good enough is no longer acceptable and you might not need to look too far to see this because many people are dispensable and easy to replace.

We must demand more of ourselves and our skills. To get more information about this, read Seth Godin book Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? today and find out how you can accomplish extraordinary things. The world is waiting for you to bring out the best in you.

In closing, come up with your best work and give it your best. Don’t wait another moment, the world is waiting for you. Today is your day and you are the person. It doesn’t matter if you fail or if an average Joe fails to notice at first and labels you an outcast. Follow Seth’s work here as he shares valuable ideas that might cause you to see life from a different view point.

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