perception determines actions

perception determines actions
Oh my, how we love TedTalk and we listen to it often to hear talks from different seasoned researches and professionals who discuss ideas that changes the world and people’s lives most importantly. The other day, we heard a talk about “Why some people find exercise harder than others” given by Emily Balcetis who is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York University whose main interest is on social psychology.
Now, going on to the talk, we share our views below and the video is at the end of the post and you can watch it by hitting the play button.
Emily Balcetis stressed that our vision is most important as it helps us interpret the world around us. According to her, perception is subjective and what we see is filtered through our own mind’s eye in her own words. Our beliefs and past experiences affect the way we interpret things, people, and influences any action on how to motivate yourself to exercise in the long run.


She went on to tackle one thing that people are talking about and that is our health and fitness. Despite people’s best intentions not to add weight or to exercise, we fail continuously and give up most times which happens not too long after making we make the commitment. Talking or wishing or making a commitment is not enough as action is needed. But taking action can be seen as difficult by most people as she acknowledged in the talk and she has argued that the perception in our mind’s eye is the single most important reason why some see exercise as more difficult and others see it as easier.
According to the study she carried out, she found that people’s body states influenced how they perceived the environment when doing a physical exercise such as walking to a finish line with some weight attached to their body. Those who were unfit actually saw this distance as longer compared to those who were fit. This is a classic state of the body influencing the mind but she did another study to see how the mind influenced the body. This is not to say that the body and mind worked in disharmony but the two work in something like a partnership to influence how we view our world. Observed from the study, people with strong motivations and strong goals to exercise actually see the finish line as short compared to people with weaker motivations that see the finish line as long and she tested this in the second study. Using the same task of crossing a finish line, participants were divided into two depending on if they were motivated or not and guess what?
Those who were motivated actually crossed the finish as they saw the distance as short even though these guys were not in great shape. Reaching your goals with a strong enough motivation to overcome any obstacle can form part your exercise motivation tips. You might argue with the way this study was done or if there were bias but we think it is a very interesting study with the results smashing some beliefs already.
She also talked on the idea of how people’s perceptions can be changed to make exercise easier by setting manageable goals that can be accomplished within a set time and using what she called keeping your eyes on the prize.
I think this is pretty unique in itself and we implore your to have this as one of your exercise motivation tips as it can help you to stay motivated to workout. At this point we have to stop writing and let you watch the video. Help247ayear tries to keep entries to a bare minimum as we bring quality content which will require us writing posts below a 1000 words as we don’t want to keep you reading for a long time and we also like keep you in a bit of suspense. We encourage you to watch the video and hear from the expert herself. Hit the play button below to find out about how this unique study panned out.

Choose to see the world around you differently and watch how everything will change for you. More importantly, this is how to motivate yourself to exercise and will fuel your motivation. This can form one of your exercise motivation tips as we believe any person serious on achieving their goals should have tips.
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