Hi friends, welcome to my blog post in over a year. I fell far behind and forgot to blog as life happened to me. I was reviewing my goals the other day and realise that I had procrastinated and had excuses why I haven’t blogged for a ┬ámonth. So, I set out to change things. I redesigned my website and got a logo. I made it faster and visually appealing while ensuring that user experience is smooth.

The video above just talks about how you can improve yourself. To improve ourselves, we must get past procrastination and take action on our dreams. So, today’s post focuses on some lessons I picked up whilst reflecting on procrastination and why we don’t take action on the goals that really matter to us. Below are my thoughts and I hope you pick up some nuggets along the way.

Think about the big picture and what benefit you will gain from taking action. Have the end goal in mind and really think about how the current task feeds into your major life goals.

Realise that you cannot run away from the task, you will have to get it done at the end. The time you have wasted will have been put to effective use. You will have produced a better result if you start early. There is so much to gain from starting early

Use the 5 seconds rule to start the action process. This will help you overcome laziness and push you into action. Most of the time, we just struggle to take the first action.

Plan your day ahead and write your goals down. This helps bring clarity, helps you see how your daily activities is leading to your major goals and vision for your life.

Jim Rohn said failure is errors in judgment/disciplines practiced each day. This is profound because we don’t see the result of our actions in when you look at each day but if you look further down the line, say in a month’s time or in a year’s time, then you will realise just how far behind you are.

To bring this point home, for students whilst in school, you knew you needed to study daily but for whatever reason, you don’t. Days turn into weeks and weeks into months and then towards exams, you realise how far behind you are and how much you need to make up for. You stress out as you can’t meet up and you begin to burn the midnight candle in the hopes you catch up with the syllabus. You might pass your exams but your grades wouldn’t have been as good as you want it to be.

So, I challenge you to be better than your excuses and get work done. This is your life, take charge of it. Eliminate procrastination and just get to work.

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