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Man runningMy fitness journey began mid-September of 2013 shortly after falling out the wagon a in august after just THREE weeks into the Insanity work out. I came to realise all it takes is a week of laziness and you find yourself back to square one. At 250 lbs (113.6 kg), I really had to rethink my lifestyle options and do some self-actualization.

It takes no effort to be unfit and unhealthy and genetics did not work in my favour neither did the fact that I’m generally predisposed to gain weight at a tremendous rate. This brings me to one of the main excuses I used to get from people trying to lose weight. Well, it is simple. If the genetics do not favour you, a diet plan needs to be in place. That is was the first step I had to take in coming up with a weight loss plan that would help me get to where I wanted.

“Starting any workout regimen without a proper plan in place is the biggest mistake people make”.

If one saying truly reflects the outcome of any workout plan it’s that ‘you can’t eat your cake and have it’.


Literally! It is not enough to let go, the more important question I kept asking myself is ‘why you want to let go’ and the minute you figure that out, you will have paved your path to success. So now I had my meal plan set up and I was good to go, right? Well, there was one other very important question I hadn’t asked myself.

Why did I want to lose weight in the first place? Was it to look good or to raise my self-esteem? For health reasons?

Anyone who wishes to embark on this journey must answer this very question, which if answered correctly will ensure you never go back to your previous lifestyle. So now I have my meal plan set and my reasons why I want to stay fit once I start, surely I was ready to go!! At least I thought….So I started again from day 1 which was the fit test challenge: writing down diligently every rep I did week in week out for the first month, while still eating clean (which I’ll talk about in part 2).

But it was still difficult even at the end of the first month considering I had only lost 2kg (which never made any sense at the time, simple logic…if It did not take me a month to gain 70lbs…it surely would not take a month to lose it). It seemed almost impossible that I would ever get to have the type of form of physique that the guys in the video had. Well that’s where will power comes in….

  • the will to keep pushing however slow the results may come,
  • waking up every day at 4:30 a.m. to work out before heading to work in the morning

This all comes with discipline that’s what builds strong will power. Keep eating clean and digging deep is what I trained my mind to do up until day 63.
By then I had lost about 6 kg. Didn’t seem much at the time but physically I was feeling great, at least I could last throughout the workout without nearly passing out and that’s what brought me to my next realization. Fitness isn’t a one-off phase.

This is what led me to coming up with a fitness plan, post insanity. Problem is that is the only workout I knew. Well, I’m a strong believer in working with what you have and not making excuses!
So I went on to doing another 63 days of insanity…this time I was revamped and excited by what results I was going to see at the end of it.


At this point my clothes were loose and I HAD LOST ABOUT 4 INCHES AROUND MY WAIST (38”). I was definitely on the right track.
Watch this video from Anthony Robbins during a TedTalk where he talks about emotion and why we do what we do. I think it might be of great help.

See you on part 2

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