Peter Daniels, Ben Carson, Francis Collins
three great men

I was going through my Facebook today and was inspired by three posts. The first one goes this was: “Follow excellence and success will chase you pants down – Guru Ranchoddas Chanchad”

The second goes this way: “the aim of all the struggle is to make something of the future, don’t settle for less – Ebuka Amadi.” And the third was about how we have taken God out of the society which has led to our current state as a people. What got my attention about the third post was how people trash God and then wonder why the everything concerning them is not working.

We need God as individuals, people, and as a nation. I am a Christian and I have no greater happiness than the happiness that comes with knowing Christ. It is not an easy life but a life that will give you peace of mind and an assurance that all will be well in the midst of every difficult situation.

After thinking for a while, I wanted a title that incorporates the three posts that inspired me and I settled on the following:

“Excellence and hard work with God at the centre”

Excellence, hard work and God are the three ingredients I believe everyone needs to achieve their purpose. You see, when you have a total understanding about why you were created and that God demands excellence of you, then you will wake up and start taking action. Life’s journey is long and hard with challenges on both sides of the road. Without God, your journey will be filled with emptiness (loneliness). In my opinion, celebrities who commit murder were simply tired of life. Their success came with a price (loneliness). These guys then turn to drugs and people to fill up this void. They are unhappy deep down even with all the fame and money. These (fame and money) cannot buy genuine happiness.

For Christians who feel they are not successful always have the tendency of blaming different reasons for their current state in life. One thing I have observed is that many of those who experience this feeling have sort of accepted it. They have resolved to live substandard or mediocre lives, always thinking they can never rise above their current situation. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP AND LIVE FOR GOD. It’s not a time to sit back and wallow in self-pity. You have to resolve that you will work hard and do things excellently well. You have to ask yourself what you really want in life. You must place God at the centre and be willing to go through fire.

A note on excellence:

Excellence comes with service and you must be working on yourself day in day out improving your craft (skills). The world is waiting for you to become excellent at what you do.

Great modern day examples to follow:

Look at the life of Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project at one point. A Christian and an advocate of Christ working in a field filled with people who are atheists or agnostics.

Or take a look at Ben Carson. A neurosurgeon who is a christian and has achieved legendary status. He is now running for the US presidency.

Who told you that you cannot become great in life as a Christian? We are not called to be reserved to the back benches.

Finally, my big christian role model and motivation, Peter J. Daniels. He is a giant for God. An Australian business man who has gone on to achieve great feats despite being an illiterate bricklayer at the age of 26. Listen to his video below and others which has been carefully selected for you.

May be he will become your wakeup call if you have been struggling and staying on the side lines.

In closing

I have a favourite quote which always moves me. I first heard it from Peter Daniels and I closing this post with it:

May God expand your life until your destiny is fulfilled” – Peter Daniels

Thank you for reading this post today and if it made an impact on you, spread the word by sharing it. I woke up after being tired of not acting on my passion (dream) and today, this website is the result. I took action and began from somewhere. You too can starting achieving your goals by taking action and putting God in it.

Got any comments?