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Hi everyone. To our dedicated blog readers, we deeply apologise for not updating our website with a new post after we promised a new post every week. Today’s post is on how you can better manage your time to exercise to lose weight or exercise to do at home. In a day, we are given 86,400 seconds (60 seconds x 60 minutes x24 hours) and looking at this, it represents a huge number. You can think of it in terms of money, eighty six thousand four hundred dollars. Wow $86,400. Think of how many things you can buy with this amount of money as it is an astronomical figure.

How can you manage 86,400 seconds?

Some couple of quick points to address:

  1. I have learnt to give more hours to sleep and I recommend 6-8 hours (21600- 28,800) a day.
  2. Next, you can give an average of 1.5 hours to eating (5,400 seconds)
  3. Next you give 8-9 hours to works which includes commuting and your commuting distance can be great (28,000 to 32,400 seconds).
  4. Let’s add the total: (6 to 8) + 1.5 + (8 to 9) = 15.5 to 18.5 hours (55800 to 66,600 seconds). Taking the last figure, 5 hours (19800 seconds) left from 24 hours.
  5. Now, let’s say you allocate time to socialising and give it 1 hour, leaving 4.5 hours left. May be you shower and take care of yourself for 30 minutes leaving 4 hours (14,400 seconds) remaining.
  6. We have not accounted for watching TV and relaxing. This can take 2-3 hours (7200 to 10,800 seconds) of your day leaving an hour left. Then take the instance where you are a working mum and you need to allocate time to taking care of your children, cooking, and other things leaving little or no time for yourself to read books and even exercise.

Watch the short video below to see another unique view about 86,400 seconds by Harlem Elvis which made so much impact on me. A friend of mine shared this on Facebook and it made an impact on me.

Summarising the day

With the six point summary above, you can see that we might not have any time left to do anything meaningful and God knows the unexpected things that creep up during the day leaving little or no time left for us to do the things we really want in our lives.

An eternal question on the lips of so many is how they can get more time out of a day. Coupled with social media bringing in a lot of distractions and taking up the time of so many, we are left most miserable at the end of the day when it comes to retiring for the night

What this post sets out to do.

The aim of today’s post is to address the age long question of getting more time so we can do the things we so desire such as exercise. Recent posts have addressed the benefits of exercise and you should read this. However, there is little time to give to this all important task.

What you need to do

  • The first thing is to prepare your mind to a state of resolving that no matter what happens, you will always exercise.
  • Next is to manage time. I say manage time but in reality, this is not the case. I will say the key to true management is sacrificing time spent doing things of less importance and allocating this time to something of greater importance. To be successful in this life be it in the areas of exercise or career, you need to sacrifice. May be giving up TV time for exercise or may be having someone to babysit (your spouse most preferably because of trust and saving money) whilst you go out for exercise.
  • Make exercise fun and manageable. This way, you look forward to it more often than you did in the past. Going with an exercise buddy can significantly increase your results.
  • Next on my list is becoming efficient at what you do. May be you need a to-do list or you need to increase the demand on your time. What I mean by this is that you spend up to 75% of the time it takes you to accomplish a task. Why I say this is that someone once said that your task will expand to fill up the time allocated to it. This is prominent in the following example. Let’s say you have a list of 15 things to do and you are travelling tomorrow. Trust me, you will move faster than the speed of light and accomplish if not most but all your tasks compared to let’s say you have nothing but two tasks to accomplish. You will spend the whole day trying to accomplish these two things if you are lazy.
  • The final advice is to find way to cut out ineffective things that leads to nowhere and find ways to become more proficient in what you do. This can be achieved by increasing your skills. For example, in the past, I could not touch type (not look at the keyboard and type) and I found I was spending significant time typing. What I had to do is to learn how to touch type. I invested time in this but it was a great investment and has reaped great rewards as I am faster today at typing.

Now that I have helped you look for ways to get more time, you can allocate this time to exercise to lose weight or to exercise to do at home.

I hope this post has achieved its aim and I pray it helps you find ways to be efficient and create time to exercise or do other things that are very important to you. If you found this post helpful, help me share this post with your friends in your social circles. Comment on the post and I will do well to reply your comment. As you know, it costs time but it is something I am willing to invest.

Remember, a fitness plan without a change in diet is futile. Don’t forget to share this post if it made an impact on you in any way possible and will encourage me to keep on writing. Until next time, see you.

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