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September 20, 2017
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We have all heard so much through health campaigns, media, and the health service on maintaining a good health which includes adequate exercise and diet. Today’s blog post centres on the benefits of exercise which is my researched opinion on the subject. I have done some research on this topic and these are the benefits I came up with: Good health...
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My fitness journey began mid-September of 2013 shortly after falling out the wagon a in august after just THREE weeks into the Insanity work out. I came to realise all it takes is a week of laziness and you find yourself back to square one. At 250 lbs (113.6 kg), I really had to rethink my lifestyle options and...
Welcome to my blog, a place where you get to know how to become better with each day. This is more of a conversation between the both of us and I encourage you to immerse yourself full on in this conversation. So why choose the topic for this post as the above? Well, let’s say I have done my research...

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