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Sleep, a hotly contested topic today that borders on what is the ideal sleepingtime a person should spend in a day. Many have been in the debate about sleeping hours especially students who hotly contest in it. I have been in a position where I slept an average of 5 hours every day during school time. My peers normally sleep for 8-10 hours and told me countlessly that it is recommended we sleep for 8 hours and many cannot understand how I manage to sleep late and rise up early. No matter the amount of sleep you get, you should understand the importance of sleep. Just to point out, my sleeping time varies.

I have not been able to provide an answer to how much sleep we can survive on as I come from a community where we sleep an average of 6 hours and during school time, we can read for a long time in what we call ‘all-night’ which means spending your sleeping hours reading (normally between the hours of 11am to 5.30am). To do this, you have to have slept before all-night and sometimes, you might take a rest for 2-3 hours if you are very tired.

Certainly, this messes up with your sleeping pattern and it is very difficult to be consistent in this. I do not know how I managed to do this but I did to be honest. I read about successful CEOs of Fortune 500 companies sleeping an average of 4-5 hours each day and rising before 6am even though they went to bed by 1am. This alone put me on the front pedal and always gave me reasons to continue coupled with the fact that I am a morning person and I am more productive during this spell.

I cannot deny the benefits of all-night as everyone is asleep and you get a serene environment where you can focus your thoughts and be more productive. You get the feel the joy of working hard when others are sleeping. Working in the night can be difficult and you might understand this if you have ever done night shift in a factory or a store. It can be very draining as you get to think of sleeping if the job is boring or you are doing what you don’t enjoy. When you enjoy what you do, then this is a different case all together. Let me also stress that there are disadvantages of working all-night as you get to burn more calories, sleep might resurface during a shift, you feel lost as you think of how strenuous the job is and that you could be sleeping and this could be more discouraging if you are a morning person.

It takes time for us to adapt and change our patterns and body clock. You get to force yourself to sleep so you could be active for the night work and you have to carry food with you as I get hungry frequently at night and I know I am not the only one in this situation.

Now, unto the reason for today’s post, how many hours of sleep is ideal for you?

Get ready for a shock

According to the BBC website, an article was published that said that the eight-hour sleep may unnatural due to a growing body of scientific and historic evidence from experiments conducted in the early 90s. people slept in batches of 4-2-4 hours when forced to experience darkness for 14 hours in a month and the sleep scientific community was reported to be happy with this but this might sound vague to the general public of western world who think eight-hour sleep is the norm. history evidence as published by Roger Ekirch on research done for sixteen years found people slept twice in a day with data also coming from Nigeria. The people involved normally slept for one to two hours in the evening and sleeping later at night. I normally do this and I want to state here I normally wake up having more energy to finish the day especially when I had a tiring day. He found that this practise of sleeping twice disappeared in the late 17th century due to western influence and by 1920, people no longer entertained sleeping twice in a day. This might be attributed to improvements in people’s standard of living such as presence of street lights, industrial revolution, and increased coffee influence.

I must say that people especially in the western world are now used to an eight-hour sleep which has become second nature. Gregg Jacobs, a sleep psychologist, noted that most people normally wake up during this time which could also be seen as part of nature’s way to tell people about two sets of sleeping periods that happened in the past and also reminding them that it might be unnatural. He said that in the past, this awake-time could serve as a means of dealing with stress and meditating on dreams and also went on to say that this is no longer the case today leading to a more stressed and anxious society.

Going on to the stages of sleep:

I am a deep sleeper and when I read about this, I was intrigued. I can sleep so deep that you can literally take me to a different city but it is changing a little bit now.

Every 1-2 hours, we go through four different crucial sleep cycles:

  • Cycle 1 is a relaxed state between being awake and sleeping where you are drowsy and breathing slowly and your muscles are relaxed.
  • Cycle 2 is when you go deeper into sleep but you might be kind of aware of your surrounding and awake. Many people belong to this category but not me, lol.
  • Cycle 3 and 4 kind of goes together and I belong here. We in this category don’t wake up easily as we are in deep sleep and can only wake up when the body feels it is the right time. This state is characterised by having the lowest amount of activity.
  • REM (rapid eye movement): After cycle 3 and 4, we can move over to cycle 2 and enter what scientists call ‘Dream Sleep’. This state can be also called REM  sleep which happens when you dream.

Most sleep researchers divide this into two broad classes: non-REM (includes cycle 1 to 4 listed above) and REM.

Why do we feel sleepy?

In another article published by the BBC, it was stated that scientist thought sleeping was saving energy but when it was measured, the energy saved appeared to be insignificant and the same energy can be found in a piece of toast (50 kCal). Another school of thought believed that sleep was necessary to maintain cognitive skills and development.

A person moves through all four different cycles during full sleep and can step up or down. But from my observation, it seems some people are not deep sleepers as even the slightest of movements get them awake. You can never take something from them or tip-toe past them if you get what I mean.

Importance of sleep

Some say sleep is essential for reinforcing our memories and for the making of new neurones. Some wonder that it is a waste of time because it has been estimated that we spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. From what I have read so far, many attribute the clearing of toxic waste products as a major reason why we need to sleep and the system responsible for this is the lymphatic system (glial cells are the main players of this system). When I feel tired or have a headache, I normally go to sleep and wake up later feeling better.

Watch this TED talk about why we sleep from Russell Foster, a circadian neuroscientist, and drop your comments below:

Some have attributed the increase in neurodegenerative (Alzheimer, Parkinson, and Dementia to mention but a few) diseases to sleep disturbance because researches have said that the proteins that build up in these diseases are not being cleared as this clearance is slowed down during wakefulness. I will encourage you to read the following articles which I found interesting and see what you can glean from it


Despite what so many have said about this topic, I feel sleep is important and it is a natural process we all go through regardless of who we are or what position we occupy in the society.  I will like to highlight what I found. A world record for staying awake without sleep was 11 days (264 hours) by Randy Gardner in 1965 when he was 17. Yes you read it well, ELEVEN DAYS and he could still function quite well. Others have been reported to surpass this record but Randy’s was well documented. Example is Tom Wright who was reported to be awake for 266 hours. Some people seem to get by on little sleep of four hours in a day and I have read about them. From Margaret Thatcher to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. But you should try and understand yourself so you can know how you can better plan your activities to fit around your sleeping hours.


Why so many failed one of the key weight loss tips

quit dieting

This is a woman’s unique diet story that is unconventional because she gave up worrying and ate anytime she wanted. Sandra Aamodt gave up dieting, stopped worrying about her weight, and learned to eat mindfully at the turn of the year. She shares her story at a TED event of how she can now eat whenever she’s hungry, and lost 10 pounds in the process which I consider unique. This can serve as part of your weight loss tips if you are looking for techniques on losing weight

Looking at her past, she was one of those who gained back weight several times after losing it and tried different diets over a period of thirty (30) years. Yours may not be as long as hers but you might identify with this and you can sure learn from her. Better still, you can watch a video she gave at a TED event at the end of this post.

A great insight into why people mostly never win when it comes to dieting is that hunger and energy are controlled by the brain subconsciously as she explained in her interesting video. The brain has a set point for weight and goes back to this set point if you go away from it. It can cause you to gain back weight via hunger stimulation. According to her, ‘Dr. Rudy Leibel of Columbia University has found that people who have lost 10 percent of their body weight burn 250 to 400 calories less because their metabolism is suppressed.’ This is so much food meaning that for one to be successful, 250 to 400 less calories must be burnt compared to someone of the same weight category who has always been thin.

She said two classes of people exist who control their weight; those who rely on hunger and those who use willpower like most dieters (to control their eating). She said intuitive eaters are less likely to be overweight and controlled eaters are more liable to overeating. What she meant by intuitive eaters are those who ate when they wanted to. For controlled eaters, small foods eaten can stimulate binge eating. Binge eating is certainly bad if you are dieting and destroys the whole process and leaves you frustrated. She said you can control your health by managing your lifestyle as diets don’t have much reliability as most people gain weight five years after a diet with 40% gaining even more weight.

If you feel dieting is a problem, then the answer she gave is being mindful about it. Examples of being mindful are understanding your body’s signal and eating only when you are hungry and stopping when full to curb binge eating because most weight are gained when full. The best approach might seem eating often even though you are hungry as doctors have not found a better way to prevent weight gain. The best way might be by preventing weight gain in unaffected people rather than promote weight loss in affected people. You might consider this to be part of your weight loss tips, i.e. preventing weight loss by not eating often when you are hungry.

The talk took another twist when she said that it has been found that weight obsession leads to eating disorders, especially in young kids. in her own words, ‘in the U.S., we have 80 percent of 10-year-old girls say they’ve been on a diet.’ I find this to be very interesting, what do you think? Drop your comments in the comment section.

She left with these final thoughts…‘What if we told all those dieting girls that it’s okay to eat when they’re hungry? What if we taught them to work with their appetite instead of fearing it? Think on these final thoughts and see what you learn from it.

Watch the video below to find out more about what she said

Until next post, have a wonderful week and try to exercise. Remember, a fitness plan without a change in diet is futile.

Ever wondered how you can get more time from your day?

get more time from the day

Hi everyone. To our dedicated blog readers, we deeply apologise for not updating our website with a new post after we promised a new post every week. Today’s post is on how you can better manage your time to exercise to lose weight or exercise to do at home. In a day, we are given 86,400 seconds (60 seconds x 60 minutes x24 hours) and looking at this, it represents a huge number. You can think of it in terms of money, eighty six thousand four hundred dollars. Wow $86,400. Think of how many things you can buy with this amount of money as it is an astronomical figure.

How can you manage 86,400 seconds?

Some couple of quick points to address:

  1. I have learnt to give more hours to sleep and I recommend 6-8 hours (21600- 28,800) a day.
  2. Next, you can give an average of 1.5 hours to eating (5,400 seconds)
  3. Next you give 8-9 hours to works which includes commuting and your commuting distance can be great (28,000 to 32,400 seconds).
  4. Let’s add the total: (6 to 8) + 1.5 + (8 to 9) = 15.5 to 18.5 hours (55800 to 66,600 seconds). Taking the last figure, 5 hours (19800 seconds) left from 24 hours.
  5. Now, let’s say you allocate time to socialising and give it 1 hour, leaving 4.5 hours left. May be you shower and take care of yourself for 30 minutes leaving 4 hours (14,400 seconds) remaining.
  6. We have not accounted for watching TV and relaxing. This can take 2-3 hours (7200 to 10,800 seconds) of your day leaving an hour left. Then take the instance where you are a working mum and you need to allocate time to taking care of your children, cooking, and other things leaving little or no time for yourself to read books and even exercise.

Watch the short video below to see another unique view about 86,400 seconds by Harlem Elvis which made so much impact on me. A friend of mine shared this on Facebook and it made an impact on me.

Summarising the day

With the six point summary above, you can see that we might not have any time left to do anything meaningful and God knows the unexpected things that creep up during the day leaving little or no time left for us to do the things we really want in our lives.

An eternal question on the lips of so many is how they can get more time out of a day. Coupled with social media bringing in a lot of distractions and taking up the time of so many, we are left most miserable at the end of the day when it comes to retiring for the night

What this post sets out to do.

The aim of today’s post is to address the age long question of getting more time so we can do the things we so desire such as exercise. Recent posts have addressed the benefits of exercise and you should read this. However, there is little time to give to this all important task.

What you need to do

  • The first thing is to prepare your mind to a state of resolving that no matter what happens, you will always exercise.
  • Next is to manage time. I say manage time but in reality, this is not the case. I will say the key to true management is sacrificing time spent doing things of less importance and allocating this time to something of greater importance. To be successful in this life be it in the areas of exercise or career, you need to sacrifice. May be giving up TV time for exercise or may be having someone to babysit (your spouse most preferably because of trust and saving money) whilst you go out for exercise.
  • Make exercise fun and manageable. This way, you look forward to it more often than you did in the past. Going with an exercise buddy can significantly increase your results.
  • Next on my list is becoming efficient at what you do. May be you need a to-do list or you need to increase the demand on your time. What I mean by this is that you spend up to 75% of the time it takes you to accomplish a task. Why I say this is that someone once said that your task will expand to fill up the time allocated to it. This is prominent in the following example. Let’s say you have a list of 15 things to do and you are travelling tomorrow. Trust me, you will move faster than the speed of light and accomplish if not most but all your tasks compared to let’s say you have nothing but two tasks to accomplish. You will spend the whole day trying to accomplish these two things if you are lazy.
  • The final advice is to find way to cut out ineffective things that leads to nowhere and find ways to become more proficient in what you do. This can be achieved by increasing your skills. For example, in the past, I could not touch type (not look at the keyboard and type) and I found I was spending significant time typing. What I had to do is to learn how to touch type. I invested time in this but it was a great investment and has reaped great rewards as I am faster today at typing.

Now that I have helped you look for ways to get more time, you can allocate this time to exercise to lose weight or to exercise to do at home.

I hope this post has achieved its aim and I pray it helps you find ways to be efficient and create time to exercise or do other things that are very important to you. If you found this post helpful, help me share this post with your friends in your social circles. Comment on the post and I will do well to reply your comment. As you know, it costs time but it is something I am willing to invest.

Remember, a fitness plan without a change in diet is futile. Don’t forget to share this post if it made an impact on you in any way possible and will encourage me to keep on writing. Until next time, see you.

How to motivate yourself to exercise

perception determines actions

perception determines actions
Oh my, how we love TedTalk and we listen to it often to hear talks from different seasoned researches and professionals who discuss ideas that changes the world and people’s lives most importantly. The other day, we heard a talk about “Why some people find exercise harder than others” given by Emily Balcetis who is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at New York University whose main interest is on social psychology.
Now, going on to the talk, we share our views below and the video is at the end of the post and you can watch it by hitting the play button.
Emily Balcetis stressed that our vision is most important as it helps us interpret the world around us. According to her, perception is subjective and what we see is filtered through our own mind’s eye in her own words. Our beliefs and past experiences affect the way we interpret things, people, and influences any action on how to motivate yourself to exercise in the long run.


She went on to tackle one thing that people are talking about and that is our health and fitness. Despite people’s best intentions not to add weight or to exercise, we fail continuously and give up most times which happens not too long after making we make the commitment. Talking or wishing or making a commitment is not enough as action is needed. But taking action can be seen as difficult by most people as she acknowledged in the talk and she has argued that the perception in our mind’s eye is the single most important reason why some see exercise as more difficult and others see it as easier.
According to the study she carried out, she found that people’s body states influenced how they perceived the environment when doing a physical exercise such as walking to a finish line with some weight attached to their body. Those who were unfit actually saw this distance as longer compared to those who were fit. This is a classic state of the body influencing the mind but she did another study to see how the mind influenced the body. This is not to say that the body and mind worked in disharmony but the two work in something like a partnership to influence how we view our world. Observed from the study, people with strong motivations and strong goals to exercise actually see the finish line as short compared to people with weaker motivations that see the finish line as long and she tested this in the second study. Using the same task of crossing a finish line, participants were divided into two depending on if they were motivated or not and guess what?
Those who were motivated actually crossed the finish as they saw the distance as short even though these guys were not in great shape. Reaching your goals with a strong enough motivation to overcome any obstacle can form part your exercise motivation tips. You might argue with the way this study was done or if there were bias but we think it is a very interesting study with the results smashing some beliefs already.
She also talked on the idea of how people’s perceptions can be changed to make exercise easier by setting manageable goals that can be accomplished within a set time and using what she called keeping your eyes on the prize.
I think this is pretty unique in itself and we implore your to have this as one of your exercise motivation tips as it can help you to stay motivated to workout. At this point we have to stop writing and let you watch the video. Help247ayear tries to keep entries to a bare minimum as we bring quality content which will require us writing posts below a 1000 words as we don’t want to keep you reading for a long time and we also like keep you in a bit of suspense. We encourage you to watch the video and hear from the expert herself. Hit the play button below to find out about how this unique study panned out.

Choose to see the world around you differently and watch how everything will change for you. More importantly, this is how to motivate yourself to exercise and will fuel your motivation. This can form one of your exercise motivation tips as we believe any person serious on achieving their goals should have tips.
Until next time, we will love to hear your comments below and will respond to them as soon as we can. Also, feel free to share this post on social media.

Do you know your vitamins?

vitamins and minerals
Do you know your vitamins and what their importance is? Essential is the word and vitamins are. The body needs an amount that is not large to work properly and our supply comes from our diet and it has to be balanced. Taking large amounts through supplements can be dangerous.


Vitamins can be water and fat soluble and these are the two main classes.

Fat soluble vitamins:

Are found in fatty foods especially animal products but can be gotten from plant products. The body can stores vitamins and uses it when it is needed. This ensure that you do not consume loads to vitamins as it can be harmful. Fat-soluble vitamins include: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin K. These vitamins have their biological names

Water-soluble vitamins:

For this class, it cannot be stored in the body and this puts it in a position of demand. The excess is removed via urine and this is class is not very harmful if taken in excess.


Since water-soluble vitamins are not stored in the body, you need to have consume them more frequently. It can be found in fruits, vegetables, dairy foods, grains etc. They can be destroyed by heat during cooking. It is best preferable to cook under low heat through steaming rather than boiling them. Examples include vitamin C, the B vitamins and folic acid. You can try this other quiz from http://www.patientify.com/take-vitamins-supplements-much-really-know/

In the mean time, hope you are chasing after your fitness goals. Until next time, happy exercising.

Benefits of common fruits


What is a healthy diet?

image for fruits

A healthy diet is one that includes fruits and it has been recommended that our daily diet should include Five-A-Day. We have heard in the media about fruits and a day can hardly go by without us seeing a fruit. Many people have been researching or asking questions on how to be healthy and I have been in this position too.  I have been thinking about fruits lately and today’s post focuses on common fruits we normally buy and their health benefits.
It has been shown that you can lose weight fast without exercise by eating fruits in people with a diet and exercise plan. Common fruits we know includes oranges, apples, strawberries, bananas, and kiwis. This is going to be a short educational post. So sit back, grab a cup of tea, and enjoy the read.


orangesA fruit eaten by many, orange in colour, rich in vitamin C and very sweet when ripe. Oranges have vitamin C, fibre, potassium, vitamin A and choline stored inside of them.
Vitamin C is known to fight and prevent many diseases such as scurvy, keeps the skin in great condition and helps prevent damage to skin caused by solar radiation.


Vitamin C helps to prevent scurvy as it is useful in the synthesis or production of collagen (a connective tissue that gives strength to cells and holds them together). If Vitamin C is lacking, then tissues breakdown leading to symptoms such as muscle and joint pain, tiredness, bleeding, and swelling of gums.
Fibre contained in oranges aids digestion, reduces cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar which causes diabetes especially type 2, and has a low glycemic index (does not raise blood sugar quickly). For those concerned about weight loss, oranges are low in fats.
Potassium helps the heart as it is an electrolyte that maintains conduction and electrical activity as arrhythmia (irregular heart beat) can result if it is elevated. Oranges are rich in vitamin A which helps vision because it contains carotenoid, helps you absorb light, and enhances vision in the dark/ night. Vitamin C is present in many fruits and vegetables.


Green apple covered in water droplets isolated against a white backgroundSeen everyday and I can hardly remember anyone that does not love apples. It can be green or red in colour and it is very crunchy. It is sweet and there is a popular saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are loaded with vitamin C. Nearly half of an apple’s vitamin C content is beneath its surface and hence, it is great to consume apples with their skins which is where its fibre is found.
Apples have insoluble fibre which aids in quick digestion. Furthermore to digestion-helping insoluble fibre, apples have soluble fibre aka pectin which helps prevent low density cholesterol from building up in the lining of blood vessels. This further prevents atherosclerosis (accumulation of fat in blood vessels that clogs them up) and coronary heart disorder. Ordinary consumption of apples has been shown to have cardiovascular benefits.


strawberryA delicious fruit in my opinion and best eaten with cream. Upon research, I find it is very nutritious. Quercetin, a flavonoid (a group of plant metabolites thought to provide health benefits through antioxidant effects) is a natural anti-inflammatory substance and it reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. It also lower homocysteine levels (homocysteine is an amino acid that damages the inner lining of blood vessels). It also contains potassium that can help the heart and body function properly. Has low glycemic index and fibre that regulate and keep blood sugar stable. Some people believe and use strawberry + baking soda for teeth whitening but different studies read online shows this is not the case as it does not do a great job and reduces the hardness of the teeth.


bananaOne carried about by most people, sweet when ripe, fibrous in nature, and yellow in colour. It dissolves in the mouth. Rich in B vitamins, fibre, potassium, and some quantity of antioxidant effect. Banana contains a lot of fibre, has vitamin B6 to protect against high sugar levels and aid weight reduction. It maintains blood sugar level during exercise.
It also helps vision by containing vitamin A in an amount that is sufficient to the body. With its calcium levels, you cannot go wrong as it can help in formation of bones. It contains antioxidants that are known to help athletes as it neutralises lactic acid especially with runners. Footballers also take bananas.

Antioxidants, contained in plants are known as phytochemicals and the body can’t manufacture antioxidants. Therefore, we need an adequate supply from plants (fruits and vegetables) and examples are beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, vitamins A, C, and E. Different fruits and vegetables contain different type of antioxidants in varying amounts.


kiwiKiwi is another one I enjoy and it is green. The taste is very unique and rough on the outside. Kiwi has a lot of nutritious value. Filled with extra vitamin C than an equivalent quantity of orange, the bright kiwifruit speckled with tiny black seeds is a small fruit approximately three inches long and weighing about 4g. It is an efficient supply of fibre and may possibly also lower cardiovascular disease. Its vitamin C content has antioxidant property. Kiwi’s high degree of potassium helps hold electrolyte balance by means of counteracting the effects of sodium. It’s low glycemic index means it’s great for diabetics. It’s exceptional in smoothie because it brings its distinctive taste and colour to it.

Finally, before the conclude the post we are going to talk about five-a-day and what it means.


Five-a-day was proposed and backed by the World Health Organisation who stressed the importance for people to meet a daily requirement of fruits and vegetables to reduce the risk of developing diseases such as diabetes and heart problems. Fruits and veggies are a critical supply of nutrition and minerals and we are advised to have a minimum 5 parts of fruit and vegetables every day based on research. There is proof that individuals who devour at least five parts a day have decreased chance of developing heart disease, cancers, and stroke. It forms part of a healthy diet.

Until the next post, try five-a-day and continue on your diet plan. Remember, a fitness plan without a change in diet is futile.


five a day image

Fruits and veggies are a critical supply of nutrition and minerals and we are advised to have a minimum 5 parts of fruit and vegetables every day based on research. The five-a-day message stresses the wellness benefits having five 80g parts of fruit and vegetables everyday (this leads to a whole of 400g per day).

This is based on the truth that it is advocated by way of the World Health Organization (WHO) and they advised that no less than 400g of fruit and vegetables a day should be consumed to scale back the risk of health problems such as heart disease and weight problems (obesity).

You could incorporate this into your meal plan for the family and encourage the children to participate by giving them fruits to take to school in the place of sweets and chocolates. Try a combination of fruits with different colours to spice things up as children like colours and this will endear them to fruits.


Also, try mixing the fruits you have to avoid things becoming boring. You can also mix fruits in a smoothie or add them to meals. Five a day can provide quick ways to lose weight as it can be a low calorie diet

What counts and what does not:

What Counts
  • Fruit and veggies set in dishes such as soups.
  • Beans and pulses only counts as one element a day, irrespective of how many you eat. Contains just right source of fibre but incorporate fewer nutrients than different fruits and veggies.
  • Frozen and canned fruit and veggies which can be frozen, canned, dried, or packaged as convenient foods of which ready meals is an example. This contains a lot of salt, fat and sugar. So regulate the way you eat them.
  • Drinks and five-a-day – One glass (150ml) of unsweetened one hundred percent fruit or vegetable juice which offers a maximum of one portion a day, despite the fact that you might have multiple glass because juice comprises less fibre than whole fruits and veggies. Crushing fruit into juice additionally releases the sugars contained within the fruit, which can cause injury or damage to the teeth.
  • A smoothie containing all the edible pulped fruit and/or vegetable may be counted as multiple portion but this is dependent upon the way it’s made because a smoothie normally comprises of more than one fruit
  • Sweet potatoes, parsnips, swedes and turnips do count toward your 5 A DAY, seeing that they’re ordinarily eaten in addition to the starchy food part of the meal.
What Does not
  • Potatoes don’t as they’re starchy meals and a quality source of energy, fibre, vitamin B nutrients and potassium. Includes a lot of vitamin C
  • Yams, cassava and plantain don’t count towards five-a-day

Adapted from NHS Choices page. For portion sizes, click here and for more information, visit this NHS page.

Until next post, try five-a-day and don’t forget to exercise. As I always say, a fitness plan without a change of diet is futile.


Understanding Your Body and Exercise.

We are all at different stages and health-state when it comes to exercise and recognising this is very key during the process of exercising and getting into shape. Some can exercise more whilst others can exercise for a short time and get very tired within a short time. It is important to have a goal in mind but you need to avoid the danger of comparing yourself to seasoned trainers as you can easily give up during the early stages of your plan.


For those who feel they are beginning, less active or non-active I recommend starting slow and building on your consistent progress. The key to any programme is consistency. For example, eating an apple a day for seven days is different from eating 7 apples a day to cover up for missed days in the week. You will be exhausted from 7 apples eaten at once. Everything needs to be done in moderation and not in excess. It makes the work of consistency easier to more fun.

I recommend walking for long distances for those who can especially the elderly. If you are also starting out, you can run for a short time at top speed which burns more calories or pace yourself and run for a moderate time let’s say 15 minutes. You can then push your self as days go by or maintain your routine for a period of time. Also, getting a running mate or team does the trick.

It is important you and your mate or team of friends set goals. Look at my blog post on goals (insert link). Goals keep us going and involves the mind. It takes determination and character to achieve a goal. What is most important is the person you become in the process of achieving your goals.

Also, it is very important to recognise that genetics play a role in how our bodies respond to exercise and I recommend discussing your options with your doctor if you wish. No matter what, do not limit yourself and give an excise regarding genetics for many have been able to overcome their genes and get into shape.

The good news is that whilst you cannot alter genetics, you can alter your diet. I recommend five a day due to the research that backs it up and a balanced diet. It has been shown in many studies that people can get into shape based on diet alone whilst ignoring exercise. This is because food plays a big role. Visit my other blog post on food (link to page).

Remember, an exercise plan without a proper diet is futile and ineffective. It is like pouring water in a basket without even noticing it is leaking.

Thank you for taking time to read this post. The goal of this site was for people like you who feel the need for exercising.


10 benefits of good health

man exhausted

man exhaustedWe have all heard so much through health campaigns, media, and the health service on maintaining a good health which includes adequate exercise and diet. Today’s blog post centres on the benefits of exercise which is my researched opinion on the subject. I have done some research on this topic and these are the benefits I came up with:

  1. Good health includes exercise which leads to a better self-image and confidence to go about your day. We all dream of being like the models we see in magazines as we visualise their shape and want this for ourselves. It is achievable to get to this state.
  2. Give you vitality and energy which increases your intensity.
  3. It leads to better sleep and more productive days as you don’t feel easily tired. Everyone wants to be a top achiever at work
  4. It enhances the cardiovascular system as you reduce your risk of coronary diseases caused by atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is when your blood vessels (arteries) become clogged with fatty materials and can lead to blood clotting. This can increase hypertension and if coronary arteries are blocked, there is a higher chance of heart attack. Lack of exercise has been shown to be a risk factor
  5. Release of beneficial hormones necessary for daily function.
  6. Better life expectancy and quality of life.
  7. Reduces your reliance on medication to help you reduce your blood pressure and other issues
  8. You feel happy as you can exercise and maintain a good work-life balance.
  9. Helps tackles stress
  10. Leads to a change of diet as you want to maintain or lose your weight.

What you need to do?

Make up your mind and start on a plan and make sure you follow through on it.

To be updated shortly…

Tips for having a great day

1Welcome to my blog, a place where you get to know how to become better with each day. This is more of a conversation between the both of us and I encourage you to immerse yourself full on in this conversation.

So why choose the topic for this post as the above? Well, let’s say I have done my research and applied simple changes to my day which has added up to help me get the most out of it and become better in the process.

The first tip to a good day is less sleep and not more. Let’s say you sleep for eight hours. My advice will be to reduce it to 6 hours at a stretch and may be nap for 1-2 hours in the evening. Believe me, when you wake up you will have a different perspective. If you don’t have time for this in the evening, I will still advise you to cut down and develop the saved time to exercise and fitness.
This brings me to my second tip, exercise.

I find the best time to do this is in the morning but be careful not to burn yourself out and feel tired during the day.

I recommend short rounds and rests in between to add up to 1 hour of exercise. You will feel alive and ready to take the day. This is an advice for fitness enthusiasts. Some workouts to lose weights are intensive and the best time for this will be in the evening or weekends and my fellow blogger, Joseph, is an expert on this as he has had tremendous success but he did put in the hours and the work to get to where he is today. What better qualification is there for an expert if he/ she has not achieved results consistently over time?

The third tip is diet and fruits is the focus here. Eat loads of them as they get your system going. Check out our blog post on the benefits of common fruit which you can find and are inexpensive.


I will say taking them in the morning and when you are hungry before main meals as your body can act on these faster and get maximum absorption from the fruits. It helps your digestive system and your body to be in the right state. Have light breakfast after the gym and go for heavy lunch and dinner. Now, many people are on diet these days so you know your needs and should stick to them.

Now, going on to lifestyle, the next is spending good quality time with your family. After work, eat dinner together and talk to each other to find out about how the day went. Switch off the TV and build some relationship with your family. Spend 30 minutes calling friends and family if you had a busy day to keep your relationships alive and encourage your friends to call you took. This is the best way to maintain a relationship but be mindful the time you spend and who you spend it with because time is of the essence.

Read a book preferably the bible and work every day on your dreams even if it means little steps taken.


Read my other blog post on motivation and dreams. What this does is to build your will to live a certain way and give you the motivation you need. Just imagine you do these consistently. I can only see a happy you at the end of the day as you are fit, active, on top of things, and most of all, a better person than who you used to be. Every action you take is vital even though you might not be able to follow all the tips I have posted but as long as you set your priorities right on which area you want to focus on to have a great day, then you can be happy and satisfied that you are working towards your goal.

Go over the day to find out the areas you did not take the right action and learn from it. Go over notes for students and what needs to be done for the next day. It is now time to plan for the next day.

To your success,


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