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Inspired by a life goal to influence the next generation of thought leaders, Nyemahame started this website. He wants to see people achieve their highest potential through his posts. Success starts one day at a time and by taking action. You can connect with his via his social media account and he will love to hear from those who got inspired. He is open to opportunities and seeks to grow his networks.

If you can think like Michael Jordan, you can be great

Many people today will have heard of Michael Jordan. He was one of the greatest NBA players and his success did not come easy.
He said he failed over and over again in life and this was why he succeeded.

Today, worth more than $1 billion, we can learn a lot from Michael. He was different from his peers because he could think differently. Thinking is the key we need because it influences our actions. Just to quote him,

“Limits like fears are often just an illusion”.

Learn to overcome your limits and challenge yourself continually to succeed by changing your thinking.  Here is a short video about this great sports legend and businessman.

How one man transformed a university

Nido Qubein
from http://www.bizjournals.com/triad/blog/2014/10/how-much-is-nido-qubein-worth-to-high-point.html

If there is one man you need to run a university, then it is Nido Qubein. He is said to have raised more than $200 million for High Point University and has over a billion dollars in infrastructure due to his leadership.
An exceptional leader driven to get the best out of students and learning, we introduce you to Nido Qubein. He is an author, a businessman, a philanthropist, and a speaker. The great value of a leader is not how much he has but how many people he impacts on. This can be seen from how people speak volumes about him. He goes on to say that out of adversity great things can emerge. If you are willing to work hard enough and smart enough, opportunities will open for you. He preaches that we should not only have a TO-DO list but a TO-BE list because a TO-BE list is TRANSFORMATIONAL. He also said, how you change is how you succeed.

Because for the timid, change is frightening, for the comfortable, change is threatening but for the confident, change is opportunity – Nido Qubein.

Watch the video below and the next one that follows to see why we introduce this great visionary.
Don’t leave without watching this second video. For more about Dr Qubein, click here

Hope you have been encouraged by this post. Leave your comments below and share this article.

Tyler Perry’s Number One Secret

tyler perry
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - OCTOBER 06: Tyler Perry at the "Alex Cross" Press Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel on October 6, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Vera Anderson/WireImage)

Many of us will know who this great man is. He has gone on to achieve great things in the world of acting and movie making. His journey has not been a rosy one but he has gone on to achieve great success. Here what he has to say about himself and the secret to his success by watching the video below:


Tyler Perry said it was by the grace of God. According to Tyler, there is only so much you can do. He speaks from experience and we can learn a lot from him

He said he planted his seed, watered it and believed. He is a christian and I can relate to this. The bible said that we do not know how the tree grows. He also talked about how he worked hard and focused on what he wanted to become. Don’t be spread across different places. Focus on one thing, make it your priority and stick to it.

Only God can make the sunshine and bring the rain. Only God Himself brings the increase. Anything you want is possible if God is with you.

Life for A, B, and C Students Outside School

students graduating

Our yesterdays are the springboards for our success. All that matters is today and what we did with what we learnt yesterday – N.  E. Okwu.

We all went through school and we know at the end of it all, if we are: A, B, or  C students, our strengths, our weaknesses, our predicted fate in the world and also in the job market.

To generalise,

Most A students develop a feeling that they can easily be employed as they beat anyone in an interview and secure the position. These guys are the crème de la crème of the class. They are the brilliant and everything looks easy for them. They never stress or worry about reading or  passing an exam.

B students know they are good academically and with hard work, they can perform well at interviews and secure a job even though it might be tough. These guys mostly will not want to work menial jobs and they are right. The B students will most likely be managers and serve as a bridge between C and A students. Some of these guys go on to create businesses and do well.

For C students, academic performance and CV betrays them. These guys struggle for everything and yet, nothing seems to be working for them. They knows they don’t stand a chance because an employer dumps their CV at the bottom of the pack. They never even get called for an interview and even when they do, they do not make it past this stage.
These are my thoughts though and I guess it doesn’t happen everywhere. Things are now changing as employers are looking beyond academic performance and more on your skills and how you can perform in a job. C students stand no chance academically, therefore they must take their destinies in their own hands and develop skills. They break down opportunity doors if it is closed to them or they go about creating their own opportunity door where it does not exist. These guys know that employers won’t give them a chance. So they go on and create their own chances and by this I mean businesses. They even provide jobs for other people which will be mostly the A students. They can even go on to become presidents. A great example was the former President of America, George Bush.  He talks about the resilience of C students and he tells them that they too can be presidents.

What does the future present to students?

One thing you should know is that grades do not determine where you end up in life, your actions after school does. Things have changed from what they used to be in the past. Your grades hardly count in most situations outside of school. Successful people who run the world whether they are A, B or C students realise that life does not come to them and hand them their dreams. This is because life presents each and every one of us with challenges regardless of what your grades are in school. Therefore,

You must have the brain of an A student, the tenacity of a B student, and the work ethic of a C student.

Questions you must ask yourself:

  1. What am I doing with my life?
  2. Are my letting my grades determine my future?
  3. Am I creating opportunities for myself?

These questions are for you to ponder upon. Let’s leave it here but before I leave, there’s a short video below which I want you to watch below. I believe enough has been said. Peace

Seven Reasons to Love Pay-Day


Pay-day, an interesting topic and one which so many people will have an opinion on. It kept on recurring in my subconscious and certain thoughts began brewing. It’s the end of the month and a time to smile because your employer will be paying you. I define pay-day as the day that makes people smile to the bank. Now, I know some people are not happy with the jobs they do and also not with their pay as they might be living from pay check to pay check. This post is not to address unhappy people but to address those who are happy to have earned an income whether it is from your employer or from your own business.

Seven reasons why I’m excited about pay-day:

It is a reward for my sweat:

The bible said that you reap what you sow and that there is no food for a lazy man. Well, I have worked hard and I deserve to get paid. I have contributed my part to the economy.

A reward for my time:

Simply put it this way, I gave my time to my employer and helped the company I work for. They leveraged my time to accomplish their goals and paying me is the best they could do.

The feel of getting a bank alert:

Well, in Nigerian English I screamed, “I don get alert, na God win.” I’m so happy that my bank account bulged this morning and also receiving a text alert from my bank. It’s been a while since I got an alert from my bank regarding getting paid. Who says I am not important to my bank and they don’t know me?

Time to pay my bills:

You see, I am on a mobile phone contract and on a membership with my gym. You need money to pay for these. Now, this is the beauty of getting paid. You don’t have to worry about not having money to pay for the services you use because you have an income that meets your expenses. Some people are not happy about paying their bills but don’t let this be you.

Purchase some needful things:

I believe in saving and living below your income. Hence, I delay gratification and the purchase of some things. I normally rank things into two categories, needs and wants. I have procrastinated on some needful things and since I’m getting paid, it’s time to purchase these items.

Opportunity to help others:

I am a giver and give no matter how small. There is a joy in giving and nothing beats giving. You can help people no matter how small you think your money is. Listen to the clip below from Legendary John Maxwell:

Pay-day fell on a Friday:

The weekend is complete already. I can now do some shopping but this is after I must have saved, paid my bills, and drawn up a budget on the remainder.

Finally, watch the video below and listen to Jim Rohn. He has so much to tell you about the topic of finance

From my cave of thought,


P.S: Thanks for reading this post and for visiting my site. The thoughts above are my personal thoughts and if it made an impact on you even though it is little, please hit the share button below to let your friends and other people know about my site. I also welcome comments below and will love to hear from you.

Reading books can be fun or …

the importance of reading

One of the best skill anyone can have in this age is the ability to read, write, and be able to understand. It is a skill that can never be taken away from you once you acquire it. Some people have asked me questions about why I read and I’m sure other readers in my shoes have had the same experience. I never find it hard to explain to people why I read. There are any benefits of reading and it is better explained by considering the dangers of not reading.

What are the dangers of not reading:

  • You get to miss out on someone’s experience about life
  • You get to make mistakes which you shouldn’t have
  • You might never expand your mind
  • You lose valuable time trying to learn from scratch. When you read, you learn so much and gain years of experience

Sitting down to think about why people don’t read, I came up with five top reasons and a solution to these which are discussed below:


1. Financial commitment or cost
I do not have anything against this reason as books cost money but it is not not a good enough reason. You can start saving your change and as they say, little drops of water make a mighty ocean. Before you know it, this grows into a substantial form. You don’t have to buy brand new books. I invest heavily on used copies from Amazon. Most used books go for £0.01 with £2.80 going towards shipping.

Watch video below of how I was able to buy books for a penny (you read it right, this not a typo) and read this post to see our recommended book list.

You can also negotiate at book stands. You can visit your local library and learn about any subject area. A library card is free and is there for you. It is sad that only a few persons visit the library. You also have your friends who you can borrow from but remember to return them. But the best investment you can ever make is on yourself (your brain).

2. Their life experience

I am no judge and whatever your life experience, I want to say that it is in the past now and it is time to change. Someone said that “you must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change”. Never being able to see the benefits of reading books makes you stay in a particular situation. Life is about change and embracing it. Why not try to make reading a culture. Start with something light and find a favourite author. You can do 10 minutes a day. Jim Rohn said it best when he said, it is a shame when a man has a favourite place to eat but not a favourite author to read from.


3. Excuse of no time:

Well, this can be easily solved by reorganising your day and eliminating non-productive activities. I don’t know if you have heard of the 80/20 rule which states in simple terms, 80% of your results come from 20% of your activities. Imagine if you have an expert guiding you rather than the words of someone who has not achieved success? Just imagine what your results will look like. Life is what you make of it and you reap what you sow; more or less. Remember, life is what you make of it.

4. Excuse of not being interested or boring:

This is no excuse at all. Most readers never had the knacks for books but today, they have 1000s of books and they enjoy reading. This comes with time and patience. Think about the end goal and see if this will make a difference. As you progress, you will get better and hopefully, start enjoy reading that it will become hard for you to go through the day without reading. I encourage you to start small wherever you are.

5. They don’t see the value

For me, I was never a reader and found it hard to even read books related to school talk more of personal development books. My reading culture started with newspapers, web articles and then finally paperbacks after I discovered the value of reading and what I stood to lose by not reading. My mentor was the late Jim Rohn and his wisdom and words impacted my life. He said that

we should set a goal, not for what we will achieve but for what it will make of us to achieve it.

A man might put his years’ experience in a book, let’s say 40 years. This helps me to gain his 40 years’ experience simply by reading and acting on what I have read. I don’t have to make his own mistakes and I get to add 40 years’ experience to my life. This is of great value to me and I hope it is of great value to you too. I believe if you think of it this way, then reading personal development books will make a difference to you and before you know it, you will enjoy reading because it adds value to you.

For more information, visit my personal development book section where I have reviewed my top books. You have the option of buying them on Amazon using the method highlighted in the video below.

From my room of thoughts,


Thank you for taking out time to read this article. I feel honoured to have had you visit my website. If this post made a difference to you, why not pass it on by sharing it to your circle of friends. Will help spread the word and who knows, your action might inspire the next person to use their talents.


The story about why our time changes

time change in the UK. Day light saving

Heads up people. On Sunday, 25.10.2015 (tomorrow) our clocks will be going back by one hour at 2am. This means that your mobile network provider will reset your time to 1am.

What this means?

You get an extra hour of sleep or to put it another way, you gain 1 hour. You can use your extra hour for something else. Comment below on what you will use your extra hour for. Don’t be scared if you check your watches and you discover that it is different from what your phone says. Your phone network provider will automatically change your time for you if you set your time to be determined by your network. Just remember that time has moved back one hour.

Why does time change?

Because we now have shorter days and you don’t want to be going to work by 9am and you discover it is very dark. We need to save on day time, hence the name Day Light Saving or British Standard Time.
This time change is normal in the UK and happens once every year. It all started when German soldiers wanted to save daylight and fuel used as a source to provide artificial lightning. What this meant was that they could save fuel for the war. Different European countries adopted this with the US signing it into law in 1918.

For more about its history, click here.

So yeah, don’t get confused when you see that your phone shows a different time to the one on your wrist watch. Until next post, enjoy your extra hour of sleep. These things (time changes), don’t happen very often in non-European countries though…

How to save your favourite videos on Facebook

save videos on Facebook

Ever saw a video or post on Facebook and wanted to see it again without having to go  through the endless sea of notifications on Facebook?

Then watch this video here of how I was able to have lifetime access to videos and posts which I enjoyed at the click of a mouse.

Thank you for reading this post and watching this video. If you benefited from this, please like and share our articles.

Excellence and hard work with God at the centre

Peter Daniels, Ben Carson, Francis Collins
three great men

I was going through my Facebook today and was inspired by three posts. The first one goes this was: “Follow excellence and success will chase you pants down – Guru Ranchoddas Chanchad”

The second goes this way: “the aim of all the struggle is to make something of the future, don’t settle for less – Ebuka Amadi.” And the third was about how we have taken God out of the society which has led to our current state as a people. What got my attention about the third post was how people trash God and then wonder why the everything concerning them is not working.

We need God as individuals, people, and as a nation. I am a Christian and I have no greater happiness than the happiness that comes with knowing Christ. It is not an easy life but a life that will give you peace of mind and an assurance that all will be well in the midst of every difficult situation.

After thinking for a while, I wanted a title that incorporates the three posts that inspired me and I settled on the following:

“Excellence and hard work with God at the centre”

Excellence, hard work and God are the three ingredients I believe everyone needs to achieve their purpose. You see, when you have a total understanding about why you were created and that God demands excellence of you, then you will wake up and start taking action. Life’s journey is long and hard with challenges on both sides of the road. Without God, your journey will be filled with emptiness (loneliness). In my opinion, celebrities who commit murder were simply tired of life. Their success came with a price (loneliness). These guys then turn to drugs and people to fill up this void. They are unhappy deep down even with all the fame and money. These (fame and money) cannot buy genuine happiness.

For Christians who feel they are not successful always have the tendency of blaming different reasons for their current state in life. One thing I have observed is that many of those who experience this feeling have sort of accepted it. They have resolved to live substandard or mediocre lives, always thinking they can never rise above their current situation. IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP AND LIVE FOR GOD. It’s not a time to sit back and wallow in self-pity. You have to resolve that you will work hard and do things excellently well. You have to ask yourself what you really want in life. You must place God at the centre and be willing to go through fire.

A note on excellence:

Excellence comes with service and you must be working on yourself day in day out improving your craft (skills). The world is waiting for you to become excellent at what you do.

Great modern day examples to follow:

Look at the life of Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project at one point. A Christian and an advocate of Christ working in a field filled with people who are atheists or agnostics.

Or take a look at Ben Carson. A neurosurgeon who is a christian and has achieved legendary status. He is now running for the US presidency.

Who told you that you cannot become great in life as a Christian? We are not called to be reserved to the back benches.

Finally, my big christian role model and motivation, Peter J. Daniels. He is a giant for God. An Australian business man who has gone on to achieve great feats despite being an illiterate bricklayer at the age of 26. Listen to his video below and others which has been carefully selected for you.

May be he will become your wakeup call if you have been struggling and staying on the side lines.

In closing

I have a favourite quote which always moves me. I first heard it from Peter Daniels and I closing this post with it:

May God expand your life until your destiny is fulfilled” – Peter Daniels

Thank you for reading this post today and if it made an impact on you, spread the word by sharing it. I woke up after being tired of not acting on my passion (dream) and today, this website is the result. I took action and began from somewhere. You too can starting achieving your goals by taking action and putting God in it.

Junior doctors protest scheduled today in three cities and backed by UK Ex-health minister.

Junior doctors are preparing to march to Westminster and also in Nottingham in protest to proposed changes in contract. Dan Poulter, a former UK health minister has backed junior doctors in a controversial video as they plan on staging a protest regarding a change in contract hours and pay.

The government is pushing for a 7-day contract which is very good but the terms spelt out in the contract is unfair to say the least and not rewarding according to the British Medical Association (BMA). This was highlighted in the video.

The BMA is supporting its members as they fear  that there could be a threat to patient safety.

Dr Poulter said that junior doctors are the “backbone of the NHS” and that they should be given a contract that is fair and guards against unsafe hours as the new contract is set to include Saturdays (till 10pm) and Sundays.
The Tory MP described junior doctors as “the backbone of our NHS” as he called for a contract that “properly rewards” staff and ensures they do not work unsafe hours.
A new contract would reclassify doctors’ normal working week to include Saturdays and up to 10pm every night of the week except Sunday. Although Jeremy Hunt, the current health minister, said that the total number of hours doctor will work from 91 to 72 and also making sure that they don’t work five nights in a row according to the interview he gave to the BBC which you can listen to by clicking the play button below. A junior doctor was also present during the interview and he gave his view of the whole situation.

The government needs to come out openly and reveal the fine details. The government of England has said that they will be changing the contract, Scotland and Wales have taken a stand that they will not be changing their contracts and Northern Ireland are yet to decide.

Culled from the BBCTelegraph and other sources.

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