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At help247ayear, we are here to inspire you become your very best. Many people find this helpful because topics written with you (the reader). Help247ayear has evolved during our first year of start-up. Growth of the page has been slow but worthwhile. 2016 is the year we are primed for tremendous growth and hope to become the number one blog for success and personal development. We bring to you leaders (inspiring people) that are making a great difference.  Our topics are well researched and we are active on social media. We also run an email service where we send you updates about new blog posts, videos, and many more. We send out quotes every morning to your inbox to prep you up for the day.

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Who is Nyemahame Okwu?

Nyemahame OkwuNyemahame is a blogger with  a passion for seeing people change. He believes every one has inside them, the talents to be anything they want. Taking action are his watch words and encourages everybody to take action on their dreams. He has had numerous experiences and loves God. He is an everyday guy with a big heart for God and people. Nyemahame started different projects in 2015 and this website is one of them. He is a lover of IT and technology. Active in his local church where he looks after the sound system.